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      Gate Valve

      Nominal diameter:DN50~3000mm;

      Nominal pressure:PN0.25~6.4MPa;

      Drive mode:manual, pneumatic,hydraulic, electric;

      Connection:flange, the clip,welding;

      Structure:(stem, non-rising stem) * (parallel type, wedge) * (single ram, double ram);

      Seal form:body seal、rubber seal、PTFE seal、metal hard seal;

      Main material:cast iron, cast steel, steel plate welding;

      Main application:

      1.Water valve:water supply, heat supply system,water diversion, the water pipeline,power plant chemical plant and circulating water of metallurgical system;

      2.Steam valves:steam system of power plant, cooling system of metallurgic plant, steam heating system;

      3.Feed valve: chemical system feeding valve;

      4.Gas valve, gas conveying pipe cut-off valve;

      5.Drain valve:sewage pipe and partial line discharge valve;

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